Contact Info

By Message

Email: chakravarthy.parankusam [AT] gmail [DOT] com (This is my open email ID and you will get response in a day)

Using Facebook (Best way to contact me if you have a facebook account)
  1. Go to my facebook profile  (You can see a facebook link in the links section on left hand side)
  2. You will see "send a message" link after logging into facebook (you have to register or use pre-registered details to login into facebook).
  3. You need not be connected to me in facebook to send me a message (But you should have facebook account).

By Phone

How to get my phone number:
  1. You can get my phone number by mailing to me using the email address mentioned above or messaging me using the Facebook profile.
  2. You can find it in my Facebook/Linkedin/Orkut profile if you are connected to me.
  3. If you are not connected to me through Facebook/Orkut then ask any one who is connected to me if you know any of my connections.
Best time to contact me by Phone:
  1. Call me in my lunch break around 1PM -> 2PM
  2. Call me in the evening after 8PM to 10PM
  3. I may be in traffic from 8:30 AM to 10AM and  6:30PM to 8PM (So may not lift the phone)
  4. Rest of the time I will try to attend the call based on the possibility.
What if I don't lift the phone:
  1. If the call gets forwarded then please wait until the next ring ( If I don't lift my primary number the call gets forwarded to my secondary number).
  2. If the call goes to voice mail box please leave a message with  your name (All the voice mails are attended)
  3. Alternatively
    1. You can send me a text SMS
    2. You can send me a voice SMS by dialing * followed by the  mobile number (All the voice sms will be attended)
    3. Please include your name in text SMS or Voice SMS.