About Me

Cool and friendly with lot of enthusiasm ...

Passionate about

  1. Emacs ( Editor War )
  2. Technology
  3. Programming
  4. Computer Science
  5. Spirituality

More About Me

I am a free man (You can look at Osho's words for free man)

A free man belongs to himself and nobody else.

A free man is simply an energy with no name, no form, no race, no nation.

The days of nations and races are past, the days of the individual are coming.

In a better world there will be no Germans, no Americans, no Indians, no Hindus, no Christians, no Jews ... there will be pure individuals, perfectly free, living their life in their own way, not disturbing anybody's life and not allowing anybody to disturb their lives.

Don't think of me as selfish

My thoughts about life (in the words of Osho)

  • I don't believe in anything.
  • I don't have any belief system.
  • I don't have any creed, dogma.
  • My whole approach is existential.
  • One should not have shoulds and should nots.
  • One should simply exist spontaneously.
  • Live in the moment. Be Alert, and enjoy whatsoever happens out of that alertness.
  • Dont keep an attitude, character, morality, descipline.
  • Dont fight with you.
  • Dont try to make a structure around you of character of morality.
  • Dont descipline you too much.
  • Move with the situation, respond to the situtaion.
  • Remain loose and natural, floating.
  • Dont try to impose any thing on you, your being.
  • If you are too much cultured you will loose all that is natutal.
  • Then you will be a machenical thing, not floating not flowing.
  • Live moment to moment. Live with alert stillness.
  • Be aware and conscious.

I am not follower of Osho (Got the above Osho's quote from SMR)

Thanks for your interest ...