Software Development

  1. Things I Learnt The Hard Way (In 30 Years of Software Development) - Julio Biason
  2. The Twelve Factors (Any developer building applications which run as a service should know)
  3. Schema-less - Martin Fowler

Engineering Management

  1. How to fail as a new engineering manager - Brad Armstrong
  2. The Making of a Manager (What to Do When Everyone Looks to You) - Julie Zhuo (Good managers are made, not born)
  3. Shape Up (Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters)

Time Management

  1. Busy Vs Productive - Morgan Housel
  2. The Difference Between Being Busy and Getting Things Done - Corey Kohn


  1. Editor War
  2. emacs.sexy


  1. Change your life with SICP - Peter Norvig


  1. Many But Finite - Tech and science for curious people.


  1. Calculus For The People