Academic Projects

M.Tech @ IIIT

Knowledgebase for University Domain (Dec 2005 – April 2006)

Abstract: A knowledgebase with Ontology as structure specification schema is developed for University domain. Framebased representation is used to represent the Ontology. The knowledge base is developed in a dynamic environment consisting of Allegro Lisp (for coding the frames as CLOS classes), Allegro Prolog (for coding rules) and Allegro Cache (an object database system to store the CLOS objects).

Environment: Lisp,Allegro Cache and Allegro Prolog

Distributed Database Management System (Dec 2005 – April 2006)

Abstract: A distributed database layer is built over three MySQL sites which supports query processing with fragmentation transparency using SDD1 algorithm. A distributed transaction management module is also built which performs updates over the distributed data using distributed 2PL protocol.

Environment: C++, MySql, Linux

Online Script Recognition using Support Vector Machines (Aug 2005 - Nov 2005)

Abstract: The project aims to separate (recognize) different type of scripts in an online multilingual documents captured from handheld devices or any other digital devices. Online documents contain spatial information of pen movements.

Environment: C++, SVMLIB

Automatic Lecture Capturing & Digital Video Library (May 2005 - July 2005)

Abstract: It is a system developed to support the automated capture of live lectures. The recorded videos are annotated (semi–automatic) with relevant information which assists in the search.

Environment: C++, Linux

Implementation of Multilevel Indexing (Jan 2005 - Mar 2005)

Abstract: The objective of the project is to build indexes for a large relation which could not fully fit in main memory. 4 types of indexes, namely, Primary Index (Dense, Sparse) and Secondary Index (Dense, Sparse) were built.

Environment: C++, Linux

Other Projects

    • Image Processing Toolkit: An Object oriented Image Processing Library with support for pbm, pgm and ppm image formats (C++).
    • Web Email Portal: An E-mail portal developed in PHP.
    • Bank Database System: A database system for bank using php and MySQL.
    • GPlayer: An audio player for Linux using Qt and Gstreamer.

B.Tech @ JNTU

Caching Proxy Server (Jan 2004 - Mar 2004)

Abstract: A caching proxy server which can be used over a LAN or Single User System with the following features: Caching the browsed pages, Offline Cache Browsing, Cache search, URL Filtering and IP Filtering when used over a LAN

Environment: Java (J2SE)